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R.J. Johnson Back On Top With ASCS Arizona Non-Wing

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Bryan Hulbert – CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (March 25, 2023) Garnering his 17th career victory with the ASCS Arizona Non-Wing Sprints, R.J. Johnson returned to Victory Lane Saturday night at Central Arizona Raceway.

Taking off from the right of the front row, the win is R.J.’s first of the season with the wingless series.

Leading from start to finish, the advantage at the finish was 2.399-seconds over Logan Calderwood, who picked up five spots for second. Cameron La Rose third was followed by Pete Yerkovich. The top five rounded out with Daylin Perreira from 12th.

Charles Davis, Jr., Eugene Thomas, Tuesday Calderwood, Troy DeGaton, and Justin Kierce made up the top ten.

The ASCS Arizona Non-Wing Sprints return to Central Arizona Raceway on Saturday, May 6. For information on the track and coming events, log onto or call (602) 292-7607.

The 2023 season will mark the 32nd year of competition for the American Sprint Car Series. Spearheaded by the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the ASCS Nation includes Regional Tours that encompass both wing and non-wing competition.

For other news, notes, and information on any of the tours under the ASCS banner, log onto, follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@LucasOilASCS).

Race Results:

ASCS Arizona Non-Wing
Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, Ariz.)
Saturday, March 25, 2023

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 51-RJ Johnson[1]; 2. 3-Pete Yerkovich[2]; 3. 17-Ricky Lewis[6]; 4. 0-Jonas Reynolds[3]; 5. 43-Justin Kierce[4]; 6. 3V-Jim Vanzant[5]; 7. (DNS) 10-George Zills

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 11C-Charles Davis Jr[4]; 2. 6-Logan Calderwood[1]; 3. 39T-Troy DeGaton[3]; 4. 21-Austin Ervine[6]; 5. 4-Tuesday Calderwood[5]; 6. 49Z-Karl Ackley[7]; 7. 72-AJ Hernandez[2]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 5-Cameron La Rose[4]; 2. 51W-Ronald Webster[5]; 3. 10T-Eugene Thomas[1]; 4. 007-Wayne Siddle[2]; 5. 21P-Daylin Perreira[6]; 6. 3K-Patrick Krob[3]; 7. 13-Alex Wood[7]

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 51-RJ Johnson[2]; 2. 6-Logan Calderwood[7]; 3. 5-Cameron La Rose[5]; 4. 3-Pete Yerkovich[1]; 5. 21P-Daylin Perreira[12]; 6. 11C-Charles Davis Jr[6]; 7. 10T-Eugene Thomas[10]; 8. 4-Tuesday Calderwood[14]; 9. 39T-Troy DeGaton[9]; 10. 43-Justin Kierce[15]; 11. 007-Wayne Siddle[13]; 12. 49Z-Karl Ackley[16]; 13. 21-Austin Ervine[8]; 14. 51W-Ronald Webster[4]; 15. 0-Jonas Reynolds[11]; 16. 3K-Patrick Krob[18]; 17. 72-AJ Hernandez[20]; 18. 3V-Jim Vanzant[17]; 19. 13-Alex Wood[19]; 20. (DNS) 17-Ricky Lewis; 21. (DNS) 10-George Zills

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